Pulaski County Council Creates Budget Line Item for Upcoming Bridge Replacement

The Pulaski County Council has begun making funding arrangements for an upcoming bridge replacement. The bridge on County Road 400 East over Mill Creek is set to be replaced in the next year or two, according to Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff. “We lowered the weight limit on it last year,” he told council members this month. “It needs to be replaced. Heaven forbid if something happens to that bridge, you know how much traffic’s through that area.”

The county council agreed to let Ruff move $100,000 from the Cumulative Bridge Fund into its own separate line item within the fund. Ruff said that will make it easier to track the money being spent on various fees.

The Highway Department plans to include the bridge replacement in its 2020 Community Crossings Grant application. If awarded, the grant would cover 75 percent of the construction cost. Council President Jay Sullivan noted that using county funds for the engineering fees would likely improve the chances of getting the grant.