Pulaski County to Purchase Drone

The Pulaski County Government is getting its own drone. Commissioner Jerry Locke announced Tuesday that the county’s local emergency planning committee voted unanimously to buy a drone last week.

He envisions it being used by a number of county departments. “Why we voted to go ahead and purchase this: in case a missing child or an elderly person gets mixed up and walks away from their house, buildings inspections – you can go legally 400 foot above the building you’re inspecting, highway – in case there’s a placard truck that gets in an accident and nobody wants to get close,” Locke said. “This has got the visual, the heat-sensing deal.”

Locke said that in order to use the drone for county business, whoever is operating it will have to have a pilot’s license costing about $150. While the drone would be for the county’s use, Locke didn’t rule out the idea of lending it to local fire departments and town police.

The rest of the commissioners voiced their support for the purchase Tuesday. “That’s kind of neat,” said Mike McClure.

“I think it’ll help the county out,” Locke added. “I really do.” Locke said he’s left information in the Auditor’s Office, for anyone interested in learning more about the drone.