Starke and Pulaski County Candidates Filed for Municipal Primary Election

Friday was the last day that individuals could file a declaration of candidacy for the Municipal Primary Election.

Starke County’s ballot will feature a few familiar names with Knox Mayor Dennis Estok and City Court Judge Charles Hasnerl running for re-election.

Additionally, incumbent Knox City Council members Donald Kring, Ronald Parker, Jeff V. Berg and Bill Gustafson will be running for the District 1, 2, 3 and 4 city council seats, respectively.

Councilwoman Bertha Blue chose to refrain from running for another term. In her place, Sherry Lynn Cowen is running for the at-large city council seat in the primary.

Likewise, the current Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston will not be seeking re-election. As of Friday’s deadline, the two individuals running for that position were democratic candidates Colleen A. Hodge and Cyndi Mann-Kidder.

Meanwhile, in Pulaski County, Republicans Robert Schultz, Suzanna J. Wilcoxon, and Raymond L. Salsman, Sr as well as Democrat Judy Harwood will be running for Medaryville Town Council.

Pulaski County Clerk Jo Lynn Behny mentioned that no one filed for the Medaryville Clerk-Treasurer’s position by the deadline.

Behny went on to mention everyone who has filed in the town of Monterey so far.

She noted that since they’ll be holding a town convention, residents there have until noon on August 1st to file. However, as of Friday afternoon, Democrats James C. Fleury, Linda McCune and Douglas A. Denton were all filed for Monterey Town Council positions, leaving only one spot unfilled.

To gather some more general knowledge about campaigning and voting, visit the Indiana Election Division’s information page.