Administration Building Renovations, New Softball Field Considered by Eastern Pulaski School Board

The Eastern Pulaski Community School Corporation may be getting a new softball field and a renovated administration building in the coming years.

The school board discussed some potential future projects during a work session last week, according to Superintendent Dan Foster. “We’re talking about trying to, perhaps, put a softball field down by where the baseball field is,” he explains, “and somehow, maybe, combining those two facilities.”

Meanwhile, Foster says Eastern Pulaski’s 50-year-old administration building is starting to show its age. “Our building hasn’t had too much done to it since it was built in 1969, so it’s got some wear and tear on the inside,” he says. “It doesn’t look too bad from the outside, and that’s great. They did a new roof eight years, 10 years ago, something like that, so not too bad. But inside, it’s pretty outdated, and the windows are pretty inefficient, and it’s just not very user-friendly inside.”

Foster says he’s had a couple companies come to look at the building. But he stresses that there are no immediate plans for either project.