City of Knox Receives Grant Funding to Help Rehabilitate Homes

The City of Knox was recently awarded a Community Development Block Grant to help rehabilitate properties in the area.

Mayor Dennis Estok reminded council members that the total grant amount was $195,500 during their meeting Tuesday evening.

He presented them with a resolution that would allow the city to receive the grant funding. Members passed the document unanimously.

After the resolution was passed, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston noted that the work that will be completed with this money will be a good addition to what city officials have been doing for housing in the area over the last few years.

He shared, “They’ve tried to attack some of the housing problems in the city by tearing down some of the old houses that were not good through blight elimination and, of course, encouraging construction of new ones but I’m really thrilled about this new grant because it really helps the rehabbing of the homes that can be saved.”  

Houston mentioned that one of the perks of this grant is that the individual homeowner doesn’t have to cover any of the cost.

Mayor Estok added that when the city applied for this grant before and didn’t receive the funding, there were a few interested individuals who submitted applications for consideration. He noted that those residents’ requests will take priority. Once officials make their way through those, Estok said a call for more applications will be announced.