Main Street Property Discussed by Knox Board of Works

Knox Board of Works members were informed about the work that’s being done to address code violations at 1&3 N. Main Street when they met last Wednesday.

Director of Building and Code Compliance Kenny Pfost provided members with a work order which showed that the owner Pete Milev ordered glass and frames for the store front.

Board Member Jim Collins mentioned that he’s seen work being done to one side of the building but asked if anything was being done at 3 N. Main. Director Pfost said that was included in the original order but, as of last Wednesday’s meeting, he wasn’t aware of any work that has been done to that side so far.

Pfost noted that reframing work has been done but there is a question about whether a metal header will be required so he plans to coordinate with Terry Stevenson with Starke County Planning Commission about the matter.

Since the work in the initial order was not completed within the specified time frame, board members previously decided to take the necessary steps to move forward with penalizing the property owner for failure to comply.

Board Member Steve Dodge explained how the board is working with City Attorney Autumn Ferch on the process.

Dodge said, “We suggested to Autumn that she check it and re-file it for a hearing and we also suggested that she may want to file a new small claim for a period between when the last one was for and the current time.”

Mayor Dennis Estok stated that the initial penalty amounted to about $4,500.

More updates about this Main Street property will be provided in future Board of Works’ meetings.