Pulaski County Attorney Wants to Review Contract before Commissioners Approve Email Switch

A proposed switch in Pulaski County’s email system still needs more review before the county commissioners will approve it. Since January, IT Director Matt Voltz has been recommending using Golden Tech, to switch county employees over to the Office 365 email system. Voltz says it will make it easier for various departments to coordinate their schedules, which would be especially helpful for the county’s judicial system.

Last month, the commissioners said they wanted County Attorney Kevin Tankersley to review the Golden Tech contract before they approve it. When Voltz met with the commissioners again last week, he said everything had met with Tankersley’s approval.

But it quickly became apparent that what Tankersley approved was not the actual contract that the commissioners would be asked to sign. “Oh, no, no. It’s just a quote,” Voltz said.

“Well, it read kind of like it could have been a contract,” Tankersley responded. “What did they want, then? They want you to sign a quote?”

“Yeah, basically,” Voltz replied.

“Well, just tell them to send us the contract,” Tankersley said. “We’re not going to sign the quote. It read too much like a contract. Just say, ‘Send us the contract.'”

Voltz previously said the agreement would include a $15,000 annual maintenance fee, plus a one-time setup charge of $2,400. He told the commissioners last week that after the initial setup, Golden Tech’s involvement would be relatively minimal.

Tankersley will review the additional paperwork, before the commissioners make a final decision.