Pulaski County Tourism Ads to Return to Chicago TV

Pulaski County will once again be targeting country music fans with this year’s tourism marketing campaign. The county commissioners Monday approved a $25,000 advertising package with WBBM-TV in Chicago.

The commercial will run twice during next month’s Academy of Country Music Awards, under the package recommended by Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer. He said it will be similar to the strategy the county used back in 2016. “The first year that we had done television, we had done it on CBS out of Chicago during the Academy of Country Music Awards,” Origer explained. “That is, historically, the best web traffic we’ve had in a consistent period of time, other than when we had too loose parameters on Facebook and anybody who already liked our page was seeing the video.” Origer said he wasn’t as happy with last year’s advertising strategy, which involved a combination of cable TV ads and online content.

For this year, the county will keep using the same video it’s used for the past three years, but Origer said plans are in the works for a new one. “We’ve got some people locally who do videography work,” he said. “The people who host our website do videography work, so it’s just a matter of figuring out what content would be good. Because this one, the one we run now, turned out really great. It’s not something we had planned. When they built the website, it was kind of a surprise. ‘Here, we had some money left in the videography budget. We sent some people down, and we’ve got this for you.'”

The commissioners once again suggested adding Northern Indiana Power from the Past, as one of the tourist attractions in the next video.