Hamlet Park Board Impressed by Easter Egg Hunt Turnout

This year’s Hamlet Easter Egg Hunt was a huge hit. That’s what Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts told the town’s park board Wednesday. “We had like 61 kids,” she said. “We got complements. Kassandra had done an awesome job at getting fold-able outside camping chairs for a grand prize, along with the baskets, and I got complements on that.”

But beyond that, the Easter egg hunt served as an opportunity for local kids to get acquainted with the town’s police officers, which Board Member Brian Earnest pointed out has been a major focus of Town Marshal Clint Norem. Earnest said, “It was good to see them involved, good PR for the police department and being involved with the kids because one of the things Clint talked about, is if you can be known to those kids as more than just the bad guys that come. It’s nice to see them develop relationships with the kids in town.”

Board Member Connie Bailey reported that despite the high turnout, everybody who took part left with lots of candy.