May Trip to Chicago and 2020 Trip to Catalina Island Approved by Eastern Pulaski School Board

Two out-of-state field trips were approved by the Eastern Pulaski School Board when they met Monday night.

One of the trips will take place next month on Wednesday May, 8th.  Kevin Zupin requested permission to take a group of government students on a trip to Chicago to see the play Hamilton. Superintendent Dan Foster mentioned that this opportunity was offered last year and it was well received.

The other trip that was up for board approval was an educational ‘Earth Watch’ expedition to Catalina Island during spring break of 2020.  

High school teacher Emily Hintz provided school board members with some details about the week-long opportunity. She said the student volunteers will have the chance to work with researchers to gather information about the marine-protected areas on the island.

Hintz explained, “That data collection would involve hiking around to survey human activity in the marine-protected areas and doing kayaking to survey water mammals, so seals, dolphins and whales.”

She continued, “Also, the chemical aspect of it is to take water samples and we’ll be in the lab testing for types of plankton that are present when there’s a specific type of algae bloom that is harmful”

Hintz mentioned that they need at least 6 participants to be eligible to go. She said there are some students who have already indicated they want to go and others who are showing an interest.

She added that even if only 5 students are able to make it, she could count as one of the participants.

She also discussed financing and explained that she plans to hold some fundraisers with the intention of raising enough to help pay for a student’s trip if they’re unable to afford it.

Once the trip was approved, Hintz was asked to keep board members informed about student interest and fund raising efforts. She said she’ll continue to supply Superintendent Foster with updates and he stated he’d be sure to share them with the school board.