NJ Town Council Approves Two Proposals from Fleis and VandenBrink

North Judson Town Council members reviewed two separate proposals from the engineering firm Fleis and VandenBrink (V&F) when they met Monday night.

Senior Project Manager Mitch Hansel informed officials that the town submitted their ADA transition plan to the Indiana Department of Transportation.

While their plan was in compliance, Hansel noted that INDOT officials felt there wasn’t enough mention of Title VI and said they requested an implementation plan.

He explained that the Title VI Implementation Plan is a program for ensuring that the town follows equal employment opportunities and regulations.

He mentioned that this is a federal requirement and every community must have this type of plan in place in order to be eligible to receive INDOT funds. He told them the cost for V&F to create such a plan is $4,700.

Hansel presented members with another proposal to update their pavement asset management plan.

He explained that the proposal for F&V crews to go around and rate all the roads in town again just to see how things have gone up or down over the last two years and to put together an updated priority list. He added that the goal is to have this done so the town can apply for funding in July.

When V&F performed this work the first time around, it cost the town $7,000. Hansel said the renewal will only cost $3,500 since crews already recorded road measurements and other details during the first assessment that will still be relevant during the review.

Members voted unanimously to approve both proposals and permit the specified payments to be made to Fleis and VandenBrink.