Pulaski County CDC Continues to Explore Busing in Out-of-Town Workers

With fewer and fewer residents to fill jobs, Pulaski County is looking at busing workers in from out-of-town.

During Tuesday’s Community Development Commission meeting, Executive Director Nathan Origer said discussions continue with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Indiana Department of Workforce Development, among other groups. “We’re looking on some leads to potential funding, and we’re going to be reaching out to the Center of Workforce Innovations out of Valparaiso, which is the host for WorkOne in Northwest Indiana, to start looking into how they might be able to help to support this, to figure out all of the logistics of acquiring a vehicle, figuring out who’s going to drive it and how we’re going to pay for it,” Origer said. “But we are still looking into that, as one potential alternative to match unemployed, eligible workers with employers in Pulaski County looking for much-needed help.”

Origer has previously mentioned Lake County as a potential origin for the bus trips.