Pulaski County Maintenance Director Looking Into Justice Center Roof, Cooling System Issues

Pulaski County officials continue looking into roof issues at the Justice Center. Maintenance Director Mia Salyers told the county commissioners last week that the roofing company was at the building to try to find the problem.

“It does have a 20-year warranty,” she explained. “As far as the skylights, I doubt that they’re going to cover the skylights because last fall, we cut them open to reseal them, so we actually did more damage than good. So we’re going to reseal the skylights, but they are looking at the low spots in the roof because it’s not draining properly. So hopefully, that’s covered under warranty.” Sheriff Jeff Richwine previously reported that all of the skylights in the back of the building leaked during a rainstorm.

Meanwhile, the commissioners directed Salyers to get more quotes for a cooling unit for the Justice Center’s electronics room, since there was a big cost difference between the two options she presented. She said her department tried replacing the motor in an existing fan, but it still can’t keep up with the heat generated by the equipment. Salyers explained that part of the problem is that the room’s heating and cooling system is currently shared with the Justice Center’s kitchen.