Winamac Police Department to Set up Practice Range at Town Woods

The Winamac Police Department will be moving forward with the installation of a practice range out at the Town Woods.

Town Manager Brad Zellers recently reminded council members of a request from the Police Department that they approved back in January of 2016.

He said at that time, they permitted the Police Department to set up a shooting range at the Town Woods. He then shared what the next step will be.

Zellers explained, “They want to go ahead and do that now and what we’re thinking, we’ll dig into the wall around back, we’ll take all the railroad ties that are up town and we’ll stack and make them a tall wall.”

He said it will be set up to where they’re shooting toward sand and noted that two trees are going to be removed in order to make the range possible. Zellers added that they will post a sign that states the range will not be used except for when the police are out there.

Councilman Alvin Parrish asked if the proposed placement of the range will be in view of any of the cameras set up at the woods so officials can make sure no one is utilizing it when police are not present. Zellers assured him that at least one of the cameras will be able to monitor the site.