Eastern Pulaski School Board Raises Lunch Prices, Keeps Textbook Fees the Same

Lunch prices are going up at Eastern Pulaski Schools. The school board Monday approved a required increase for the 2019-2020 school year, according to Superintendent Dan Foster.

“With the new lunch equity calculator thing that they have to do – we have to go in, punch in all this information – we didn’t have to do it last year, but we do, unfortunately, have to do it this year,” Foster explains. “So we will have to raise our prices from $1.90 to two dollars for the student lunches.” The adult lunch price will increase from $2.53 to $2.65, but Eastern Pulaski will be able to leave the breakfast price at one dollar.

Meanwhile, Foster says textbook fees will stay the same next school year. “Eastern Pulaski’s one of the few in the area that charges a flat fee,” he says. “So K through five will remain at $100, and then grades six through 12 will be $125.” He says $75 of the middle/high school fee will be set aside for the upkeep of the corporation’s one-to-one devices.