Flood Warnings Remain in Effect for Tippecanoe, Kankakee & Yellow Rivers

The flood warnings for the Tippecanoe, Yellow and Kankakee Rivers have been extended through Monday afternoon.

These warnings impact portions of Marshall, Pulaski and Starke Counties.

National Weather Service officials advise individuals to be cautious and to never allow children to play in or near flooded areas.

Additionally, motorists should never attempt to drive through flooded areas.

According to DNR Conservation Officers, many law enforcement agencies have responded to multiple calls for water rescues involving vehicles driving into floodwaters over the last few weeks.

Hoosiers are urged to abide by posted road-closed signs and barricades. Officers say in many instances, drivers put themselves and their passengers in danger by driving around such signs and end up stranded in flood waters.

Drivers must be mindful of the many hidden dangers lurking in that floodwater. For instance, moving water can cause some roads to buck and wash out and the current can also cause your vehicle to be swept of the roadway.

Click the following links to access additional resources, such as flooding safety tips as well as NWS updates and river observations. You can zoom in on the river observations’ map to see region-specific information.