North Judson Town Council Receives Project Updates from CommonWealth Engineers

Updates over the Town of North Judson’s water and wastewater projects were provided at Monday night’s council meeting.

CommonWealth Engineering Intern Sarah Prizio told officials that the wastewater project is currently out to bid. She said contractors have the chance to review the project and contact officials with any questions.

She noted that the bid opening date was moved.

Prizio explained, “In order to get better bids and more bids, we pushed bid opening from today until next Monday, the 13th. A: it gives everybody more time and B: it doesn’t negatively affect our schedule.”

She then moved onto the water project update, noting that the well project at Norwayne Field is nearly complete for now. Prizio said a part is supposed to come in around June 10th. It will be installed at that time and then they will work on-site restoration.

Design for West Water Tower only

She added that the contractors are aware of the Mint Festival Father’s Day weekend and are expecting to have the site presentable by that time.

The water tower rehabilitation projects were also discussed. Crews are currently working on the West Water tower.

Prizio explained that they’ll be sand blasting off the old paint and repainting the tower over the next few weeks. She said the schedule calls for crews to remove the containment system around the beginning of June. They’ll then disinfect and fill the tank by the 17th of June.

She said they’ll start on the downtown tank after the Mint Festival.

While only text will be featured on the West Water Tower, the downtown tower will have a more detailed design that includes the phrase “Home of the Bluejays” as well as a picture of the mascot.