Pulaski County Commissioners Approve Purchase of Used Dump Truck for Highway Department

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners approved an equipment purchase for the Highway Department Monday.

“We’re going to buy a used dump truck from Pozzo Mack for $40,000,” Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff explained. “It’s up at Porter County right now. It’s kind of what we’ve been looking for. We’ve got some old single-axles that’s on their last legs, and hopefully, that will be a good substitute for us to plow snow and stuff with it this winter.”

Ruff told the commissioners that the dump truck has 170,000 miles on it and appears to be well-maintained. He said it comes equipped with a plow and salt spreader.

The Highway Department will pay for the truck out of the Local Roads and Streets Fund.