Starke County Park Board to Create Budget

The Starke County Park Board does not have a dedicated source of funding, but it still apparently has to have a budget. That was the information shared during Tuesday’s meeting.

The park board does not receive tax revenues from the county, but it is able to accept grants and donations. The board has two funds under its jurisdiction to handle that money, and apparently, the state has asked that they be included in the annual budget.

As for how much money to budget, Board Member Rik Ritzler suggested that it might be easier to have more money available than the board plans to use, to avoid the need for an additional appropriation if grant funding were to become available.

In the end, board members agreed to request a budget of $10,000 for each of the two funds, even though neither of them actually has that amount, currently. The idea is that if the park board were to get a grant in the future, the money would immediately be available for the board’s use.