Winamac Officials Take Preliminary Steps to Address Proposed Lighting and Sidewalk Upgrades

While the construction phase of Winamac’s lighting and sidewalk upgrade project is still a couple of years away, officials are already taking steps to address Indiana Department of Transportation requirements.

During the Town Manager’s report at Monday night’s town council meeting, Brad Zellers mentioned that in order for INDOT to get the ball rolling on the project, they need to have a contract with an engineering firm in place.

Zellers introduced the council to Professional Engineer Jeremy Roschyk who works with the firm Donahue & Associates.

He told members that there has already been some coordination between the firm and INDOT officials.

He explained, “We’re trying to work this project in conjunction with a project that they’re going to have coming through town as well so we’re going to streamline everything the best we can obviously.”

Roschyk added that this project won’t take place immediately and provided members with an idea of how long the process was going to take.

He noted, “Looking at about a year for design and the probably about a year for construction so about 2 years from this point you should have a nice revamped sidewalk and lighting system throughout the downtown area.

Roschyk reminded members that this project is set to be funded with an 80/20 INDOT grant.

Members agreed to enter into a contract with Donahue & Associates for this project. With the contract in place, Roschyk said crews should start coming into town within the next few weeks to conduct preliminary surveying.