Culver School Board Sets Book Rental Fees, Considers Breakfast/Lunch Prices

The Culver School Board has finalized book rental fees for the coming school year. Superintendent Karen Shuman says the cost will vary, depending on grade level and course selection.

“We have changed the high school to be charging based on the curriculum materials that are used in each individual classroom,” she explains, “and then we have itemized out all the elementary books based on the curriculum materials that they use.”

How those fees compare to last year’s will also vary. “Actually, it’ll go down for some and then stay the same for some,” Shuman says. “Those that are in the higher AP courses at the high school, those may go up.”

Meanwhile, Shuman says school officials are hoping to once again avoid an increase in breakfast and lunch prices. “Currently, the state is asking for us to increase by 19 cents,” she says. “They can only enforce that it be 10 cents, and we are going to ask for a waiver of even the 10 cents. We did that last year, and we were approved of the waiver.”

Shuman plans to have an update for the school board next month.