Panhandle Pathway May Soon Get Bike Repair Station

A bike repair station similar to this one may soon be installed in Winamac.

Cyclists traveling through Winamac may soon have a place to stop and repair their bikes. During last week’s Winamac Park Board meeting, Board Member Pat Bawcum said Friends of the Panhandle Pathway is looking to install a bike repair station near the restrooms.

“It’s got a pump, and it’s got all the tools you need to fix your bike and to change tires and all that,” Bawcum explained. “It’s good to have it anyway, but, you know, we’re like a ghost town here on Sunday evenings. If somebody’s going through town, there’s not a Walmart down the street where you can get some tools and that kind of thing.”

Bawcum said the most expensive models cost about $1,000. She explained that Friends of the Panhandle Pathway wants to apply for a community grant, but the application has to go through the town, especially since it would be on town-owned land. The park board members liked the idea, and agreed to let town officials help with the grant application.