Pulaski County Commissioners Take Action to Settle Swayze Camp Lane Dispute

Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley (right) reviews documents presented during Monday’s commissioners meeting

The Pulaski County Commissioners may have reached a solution on a long-disputed access lane. Several residents were at Monday’s meeting calling for Swayze Camp Lane to be reopened. It runs from County Road 400 South to the Swayze Camp subdivision along the Tippecanoe River south of Winamac.

But whether or not it’s actually a public road was somewhat unclear. Commissioner Kenny Becker pointed out that it was maintained by the County Highway Department for several years. But based on previous discussions, the lane isn’t officially part of the county’s road inventory, meaning the county doesn’t receive state funding to maintain it.

Making matters worse is that the lane appears to have drifted out of its easement and onto a neighboring property to the east. Now, residents say that landowner has closed it off entirely, making it difficult for them to get to their homes.

Several of those in attendance presented surveys and other documents for County Attorney Kevin Tankersley to review. Tankersley pointed out that property line disputes can be complicated.

But in the end, no one seemed to disagree with the findings of the surveys, and the owner of the land on the other side of the access lane said he’d be willing to allow it to be shifted onto his land, if that would settle the issue. Tankersley said that could avoid the need for litigation.

The commissioners agreed to let the Highway Department install a road in the location specified by the surveys.