Pulaski County Council Continues Discussing EMA Radio Equipment Funding

A $10,000 bill related to EMA radio equipment continued to be discussed during Monday’s Pulaski County Council meeting. Last month, council members said they wanted more information before moving forward with an additional appropriation.

This week, Auditor Laura Wheeler said the matter had largely been decided last year. “The issue was that [EMA Director Sheri Gaillard] was established in the courthouse, and she got moved out to the [West] Annex building,” Wheeler explained. “And in order to move those radios and set them up at the new site, it was going to cost $10,000. And so they went through and got the [DRMO] ordinance revised, and the money never got appropriated. And so that’s where we’re at.”

Sheriff Jeff Richwine previously said he didn’t think a new tower was needed, and council members had asked about the possibility of sending it back. But Wheeler’s understanding was that the $10,000 cost was simply to move equipment that the Emergency Management Agency already had, and that nothing new was purchased.

She said the bill has already been paid. However, council members did not take any action Monday to appropriate that money.