Town of North Judson Launches Website

North Judson residents can now visit one place to access helpful information related to the Town.  Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe announced on Monday that the official Town website is up and running. 

It features pictures of notable sights, a weather widget, and pages dedicated to upcoming events and local news. It also includes contact information for town officials and a list of the town’s ordinances.

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe said there are a few additional ways the site will be used in the future.

He explained, “We’ll be using that a lot when our comprehensive plan comes in to refer people there, where we can post surveys and things that.”

Rowe continued, “Also, we’ll be attaching our Invoice Cloud, which is our new online utility bill pay so you’ll be able click that and go straight to identify your bill and pay it right online.”

To see check out the new site for yourself, visit