Work Continues on Serenity Gardens Mural in Downtown Knox

Preliminary Sketch of Serenity Gardens Mural

After having to put the project on hold for several months due to inclement weather and scheduling conflicts, work is once again being done on the Serenity Gardens mural in downtown Knox.

The mural will be in good company on the corner of Main and Lake Streets, where it will be adjacent to the City of Knox street print emblem and designed cross walks. It will also sit behind the recently erected Starke County Youth Club sculpture.

Artist Joe Eskridge, who serves as the art teacher at Oregon-Davis is donating his time to complete the project.

When Eskridge pitched the mural idea to the Mayor’s Office last summer, he explained that his vision for the downtown mural was to capture present-day Knox with a large central image. He chose to make the focal point a child playing in the splash pad at Wythogan Park.

At that time, he said the reason he chose to go with that idea is because it will not only be a welcoming image that communicates small town, Midwestern fun, but it will also be able to showcase the fact that Knox is a fun, safe place to raise a family, all within one painting.

His intention is to combine a contemporary feel with a historical aspect by utilizing street art text that will morph into a border made up of past and present establishments within the city.

While no finish date has been provided officially, those who pass by will be able to see that progress is once again being made on the art project.