Eastern Pulaski School Board Approves Quotes for Sound System, Bleacher Repair

Eastern Pulaski’s auditorium is getting a new sound system. The school board Monday approved the purchase of more than $20,000 of equipment, including installation costs, from Jubilee Sound.

Superintendent Dan Foster says it’s the latest in a series of upgrades. “The auditorium sound system is about 20 years old,” he explains, “and we have basically redone everything in the auditorium in the last few years, except the sound.”

He says the company is already familiar with the school corporation’s needs. “A local individual, Mark Hoffman, who’s actually a Winamac Police Department officer, actually has a degree in audio engineering from IU, and he comes in and he does a lot of our plays and musicals and concerts and really understands what we’re doing in there and how it’s working,” Foster says. “And so he was able to kind of design things specifically for that room. So we’re pretty excited about that.”

Foster says repairs to the elementary gym bleachers are also moving forward. The school board approved a quote for just over $11,000 from BR Bleachers to replace the motors.