Winamac Park Board Approves Bench Installation at Veterans Memorial Park

After years of discussions, Veterans Memorial Park in Winamac may finally get a bench. The town’s park board voted Thursday to allow the VFW and any other interested veterans groups to work on the effort.

They’ve long expressed interest in contributing funding, but the effort was delayed as the park board considered larger improvements and possibly expanding the park’s green space. Marlene Fox brought the topic back to the park board’s attention Thursday, on behalf of the VFW post and its auxiliary.

She said the plan was to get one bench with two plaques representing the two groups, to avoid cluttering the park with several benches. Board members liked that idea but stressed that the American Legion should be given a chance to be part of the project, as well.

The exact placement of the bench will depend on input from Proscapes Unlimited, Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo, and park board members, although Board Member Brad Zellers pointed out that the bench could always be moved, if necessary. The actual installation work will be done by town employees.