Knox Officials Pass Resolution that Recommends Waiving Municipal General Election

Knox City Council members considered a resolution Tuesday night that recommended waiving the City’s General Election.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston stated that if the City was permitted to forgo November’s election, they could potentially save approximately $8,700.

Houston explained, “We want the Election Board to know that since there are no contested races, that all the vacancies are filled with candidates but they’re all unopposed and so we would like to not have to hold an election which we could be responsible for the cost of.”

Houston also noted the resolution indicates that, should the City be permitted to waive the election, the names of the unopposed candidates would be certified as elected.

After a brief discussion, city council members voted unanimously to approve the resolution. 

Houston told the council that their resolution was simply reflecting the City’s recommendation. In order for the Municipal General Election to actually be waived, their recommendation would need to be formally approved by the County Election Board.

Houston mentioned that he modeled the City’s resolution off of the document that the Election Board would subsequently consider.