Knox School Board Approves 2019-2020 Student Handbooks

New visitor and reunification procedures are among the highlights of the Knox Community School Corporation’s 2019-2020 student handbooks.

The revised handbooks were recently approved by the school board, according to Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart.

Visitors to any school building will be required to show a state-issued ID. The goal is to implement an “electronic visitor management system,” which will allow school officials to screen visitors by searching offender databases. All three schools’ handbooks will also have language explaining the school resource officer position.

At Knox High School, the handbook now includes a detailed outline of how students would be reunited with their parents, if they have to be picked up early or at a different location following an emergency. Parents would be required to show identification and fill out a “reunification card” for each child.

Under a Sweep Program, students found to be late to class will be given a lunch detention, while those who are on-time may be entered into a prize drawing. Another section specifies that early graduates are not eligible to be named valedictorian or salutatorian.

The middle school handbook outlines a “social probation” system, while the elementary school handbook adds some clarifications about kindergarten enrollment eligibility.