NJ Town Superintendent Issues Reminder About Alley Responsibility

North Judson Town Superintendent Joe Leszek discussed unkempt alleyways with Town Council members Monday night.

He explained, “Homeowners’ vegetation and brush has been over growing the alleys and it’s really the homeowners’ responsibility.”

He continued, “They should be cutting that brush back two feet onto their property. The alley is a right-of-way, an easement, they shouldn’t allow their shrubbery to grow over into it and expect the Town to go do it.

Leszek said they will deal with an obstructive alley similar to the way they treat overgrown lawns.

Homeowners will be issued a warning and given 10 days to address the problem. If the violation is not fixed within that time frame, Leszek said town employees will go take care of it themselves but the resident will be charged for the service.

Council President John Rowe asked how many homes currently have a problem that needs to be addressed. Leszek replied that there approximately 20 to 40 properties where some alley maintenance needs to be conducted.

He said he has provided Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe and Billing Clerk Jennifer Vanek with some information to put out on the town website and Facebook page. He added that he feels most property owners will be receptive to the reminder.