North Judson’s Town Website Now Includes Feature for Paying Utility Bills

The Town of North Judson website now includes a feature that will allow residents to pay their utility bills online.

During Monday night’s Town Council meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe told members and meeting attendees that the Invoice Cloud feature has officially been added to the website.

He noted that their first residential customer recently signed-up and successfully paid their bill utilizing the online system.

In addition to making that announcement, Clerk-Treasurer Rowe asked the council to consider approving the final payment for the company Datacrates.

That cost covered the second installment for the development and completion of the Town Website as well as email addresses for the council members. The purchase order (PO) Rowe presented totaled $1,875. Members voted unanimously to pay the PO.

To access the online billing feature, residents can visit and click ‘Utility Payments’. If you have any questions, contact NJ Town Hall at 574-896-3340.

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