Pulaski County Commissioners Agree to Let Maintenance Department Cancel Mowing Contract

Pulaski County appears to be firing its mowing contractor. It took the county commissioners about four months of discussions before they finally agreed to renew the contract with TK Lawn Service back in May. But last week, they voted to let Maintenance Director Mia Salyers cancel it and give mowing responsibilities back to her employees.

“Our mowing, county mowing, it’s not getting done properly,” said Commissioner Jerry Locke. “Mia’d like to take that back over.”

County Attorney Kevin Tankersley said he reviewed the contract. “It gives authority to the maintenance department to cancel it if they don’t believe that the work’s being done properly,” he explained.

“It’s not being done on a timely fashion, I do know that,” Locke replied. “I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls.”

The commissioners weren’t entirely sure whether the Maintenance Department currently has a working lawnmower. Locke noted that they’ve already been doing some mowing, but he felt they’d eventually have to buy a new mower, in any case. The commissioners stressed that the change will not require additional employees.