Pulaski County, Landowners Reach Agreement on Swayze Camp Lane

Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley explains the alignment of Swayze Camp Lane, during Monday’s commissioners meeting.

Swayze Camp Lane will remain in its current alignment but become an official Pulaski County road. The county and neighboring landowners have reached an agreement on the disputed access lane, according to County Attorney Kevin Tankersley.

“For forever and a day, there’s been a lane going back to the Swayze Camp houses, back on the river,” Tankersley explained during Monday’s county commissioners meeting, “but Mr. Vanderheof, who owns the land to the east of that lane, got a survey and showed that the gravel lane had meandered onto his property for some distance. And he had stopped people from using it because they were crossing his property.”

Last month, the commissioners had discussed the possibility of rebuilding the road in the proper easement. But during Monday’s meeting, Tankersley said Vanderheof and another property owner whose land the lane has wandered onto have agreed to let the county adopt the existing lane into its road inventory. That means the Highway Department would be able to receive state funding to maintain it.

Tankersley added, “We’re going to attach this survey as an exhibit to that agreement, so in the future everybody would know what that is because there is no legal description of this lane. The legal description’s of the 30-foot platted one that’s farther to the west.”

The commissioners officially approved the agreement. Tankersley said it might also be worth looking into adding Swayze Camp’s other road, Port Edward Drive, into the road inventory, as well.