Pulaski County Considers Sharing Highway Engineer to Get Additional Road Funding

Pulaski County could get another $40,000 in highway funding by having a highway engineer. County Council Member Kathi Thompson raised the possibility with the county commissioners last week.

“We can also get $40,000 if we share an engineer with another county,” she explained. “And I just wondered if you wanted to check into that with [Highway Superintendent] Terry [Ruff] and see if there’s any way that we could share an engineer with another county and receive $40,000 in MVH funding.”

“That would be great pursuing. Yes,” replied Commissioner Jerry Locke. Thompson said she learned some of the details during a recent training session.

Commissioner Kenny Becker offered to discuss the matter with the highway superintendent. “I know there’s a couple of the counties that share an engineer,” Becker said. “I mean, for no more than we need an engineer, maybe we could be in with three counties. But if we can get some money out of them, why, I’ll talk to Terry about that.”

Thompson said no restrictions are placed on an engineer’s salary, for the county to qualify for the funding.