Courthouse Plumbing Concerns Discussed with Pulaski County Commissioners

The Pulaski County Courthouse may need some plumbing upgrades. Maintenance Director Mia Salyers told the county commissioners Monday that some toilets weren’t flushing and sewage was draining slowly.

She said the Town of Winamac jetted the sewer a few months ago, but the problem came back last week. “However, the sewer wasn’t as full as what it was three months ago,” she explained. “But I had DeSabatine’s come and they jetted again, and he said that our drain is six inches lower than the town’s.”

The commissioners discussed the idea of adding a lift station, but an obstruction found in one of the pipes may point to some larger problems. “When he jetted one pipe that goes to the south end, it would be through the Maintenance, Treasurer, Court, they pulled out some concrete,” Salyers said. “So I don’t know if a pipe is collapsing, causing it to slow-drain. I have no idea.”

As a first step, Commissioner Kenny Becker asked Saylers to see if the town would be willing to run its camera through the pipe, to try to find out where the concrete is coming from. Plumbing is one of several issues that would be addressed as part of the renovation plans presented last week by Rowland Design.