Eastern Pulaski to Hold Public Hearing Before Negotiating Teacher Contracts

Members of the public have a chance to weigh in on teacher pay at Eastern Pulaski Schools.

A pre-formal bargaining hearing will be held Monday at 5:30 p.m. EDT in the Eastern Pulaski Conference/Meeting Center.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Gib Crimmins told the school board this week that the hearing is required under a new law passed by the Indiana General Assembly. “I’ll make some comments. The association will make some comments. Anyone from the public can make comments. And then we move forwards from there,” he explained. Crimmins encouraged school board members to attend but said they don’t have to participate.

As part of the formal hearing notice, school officials said neither side is required to answer questions from the public. But they say that from a practical standpoint, it will be a good opportunity to “educate the public about the limitations built into the bargaining process, including the compressed bargaining timeline and the lack of state funding.” Once a tentative agreement is reached, another public hearing has to be held, before the school board gives its final approval.

Also during this week’s meeting, school board members Deke DeMarco, Beth Ruff, and Rob Zeider agreed to serve as the board’s negotiation team.