ICJI to Distribute Speed-Enforcement Devices to Local Law Enforcement Agencies

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) is distributing 1,000 new RADAR and LIDAR speed-enforcement devices to various local police agencies around the state.

RADAR stands for radio detection and ranging while LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. The units are being purchased with $1.6 million in National Highway Traffic Administration Funds.

According to information released by the ICJI, dash-mounted RADAR systems may be used while patrol vehicles are moving or stopped and can measure traffic speeds in the same and opposing directions.

Meanwhile, hand-held LIDAR devices help officers spot speeding drivers through several lanes of traffic or obstructions such as bushes or trees. 

Some local departments are among the 162 agencies that will be receiving the new equipment to help catch and cut down on speeding motorists.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department will receive 3 RADAR devices while the La Porte County Sheriff’s Department will get 6 and the Starke County Sheriff’s Department will get 7.

The Culver Police Department is expected to receive two RADAR devices while the Bourbon and Bremen Police Departments will get 4 each.

All of those local departments also received 1 LIDAR device as a result of the initiative.

Officials shared that federal grants administered by ICJI’s Traffic Safety Division fund training, equipment, and overtime enforcement of Hoosier traffic laws to reduce roadway crashes, injuries and deaths.