Knox School Board Receives Construction Updates

Knox Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart provided school board members with a construction update when they met on Tuesday.

As previously reported, the corporation has plans to tackle a $20 million, multi-phase building project and school officials have stated that a tax raise will not be necessary to cover construction costs.

Dr. Reichhart said some preliminary work related to the project was done recently.

He explained, “You may have seen the boreholes around the school, I think they did maybe seven holes, and that’s in preparation for making sure that we can build on that soil site.”

He continued, “So if you see what looks like maybe gophers working, that’s left-over from the boring machine.”

Reichhart added that the Request for Proposals (RFPs) for the construction manager have been sent out and they’ll be due back Tuesday, August 20th.

He recommended having a committee meeting at 6:30 on Monday, August 26th in order to review the RFPs.

At that time, committee members will decide whether a selection can be made from the submissions or if interviews will need to be held with potential candidates.