LAJSSC Breakup Prompts Eastern Pulaski to Officially Add Pre-K to Elementary Grade Configuration

The Eastern Pulaski School Board continues making some technical adjustments, following the breakup of the Logansport Area Joint Special Services Cooperative.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Gib Crimmins says that while the elementary school has hosted a special needs preschool program for many years, it wasn’t included in the school’s official grade configuration because it was part of the co-op.

“So now, the grade configuration needed to be changed officially at the Department of Ed. so it showed that Eastern Pulaski had a pre-K through grade five,” Crimmins explains. “So there really was nothing different than what they’ve had for several years, but since LAJSSC’s no longer an organization, the pre-K is officially part of the Eastern Pulaski Elementary School.”

The school board officially approved the grade reconfiguration Monday. Over the past several months, Eastern Pulaski has made arrangements to team up with Caston and Pioneer to provide special education services going forward.