NJ Fire Chief Discusses Auxiliary Fundraisers with Town Council

The spouses of North Judson-Wayne Township Volunteer Firefighters recently started an auxiliary and have already held a few successful fundraisers.

Fire Chief Joe Leszek discussed the group with town council members when they met last Monday.

He noted, “They did their first fundraiser at the Fish Fry, a bake sale. They raised enough to start their own 501(c), so they applied for that and got that. They just did a fundraiser over the weekend, a garage sale, and raised about $1,200.”

Chief Leszek told members how the auxiliary members plan to utilize the contributions they receive.

He shared, “Any fundraisers they do, they want to split the profits with the Fire Department so that’s one way they’re giving back.”

Leszek continued, ”Some of the money that they’re using in their fund, what they’re doing with that money is if we have a large structure fire or something where we’re out for a lot of hours, they’ll go buy some food, beverages, things like that.”

Fire Chief Leszek added that he and the other firefighters are proud of the auxiliary members for their dedication to getting involved and giving back.