NJ-WT Fire Department Saves More than $1,700 on Truck Repair Thanks to Donation of Labor

North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Chief Joe Leszek informed council members Monday night that an engine that was out of commission for a while is now back in the fleet.

He explained, “Engine One is back from Collision Auto Body from the damage that happened over the winter from sliding backwards into a pole during that ice storm.”

Leszek presented members with a purchase order of $961.36 to pay for the repairs and noted that was significantly less than the initial cost estimate. 

Leszek shared, “The quote originally for that truck was $2,700. Collision just did that for parts right now, they donated all their labor so I really want to thank them for giving back to the fire department and helping us out that way.”

Councilwoman Jane-Ellen Felchuck recommended sending a thank you note to the business to recognize them for their generosity.