North Judson Officials Informed of Advantages of Starting Community Crossings Designs Now

The North Judson Town Council recently signed off on beginning the design phase for the next round of INDOT’s Community Crossings Grant.

The Town applied for a total of $130,000 in the next round for paving projects on George, Liberty, Hubeny and Garden Streets.

When members met last Monday, Flies and Vandenbrink Senior Project Manager Mitch Hansel explained that the award announcement will be made in late September or early October. He had a suggestion for officials to consider in the meantime.

Hansel told members, “What I would recommend the Town to do is maybe start the design of that so that you can have those plans ready when the money comes in.”

He continued, “The contractors have been getting full fairly early now with these grants from INDOT so what we can do is get first in line, get the best prices and get the most bang for our buck.”

Town Superintendent Joe Leszek added that having the design phase complete ahead of time would likely allow them to get started on the construction portion earlier in 2020 rather than having to wait until the fall. Hansel presented the council members with a contract and described what F&V would be able to do.

He explained, “This is a contract for $4,850 and this is to put the plans together, put the specifications together, meet all of INDOT’s requirements, to get it bid it out and then to help Joe [Leszek] with all of the bureaucratic paperwork that will be thrown his way.”

Members provided no opposition to entering into a contract with Fleis and Vandenbrink for their services on the design phase of the proposed Community Crossings projects. 

A map with those projects can be found below: