North Judson Town Council Revisits Holiday Decoration Discussion

North Judson Town Council revisited the topic of holiday decorations when members met for their final meeting of the month.

Deputy Clerk Peggy Paulich noted that Temple Display was offering to provide the Town with decorations for the downtown area and the highway all at once. She informed the council the company’s quote was for $7,255 per year for three years, for a total of $21,765.

She added that the Town currently budgets $9,500 a year for decorations so they would be coming in about $2,200 under budget with that deal.

Paulich said she was informed that price is only good through the end of the month but Town Council President John Rowe felt that there may be some wiggle room there and recommended asking for an extension to give council members time to deliberate.

Decoration Selection Committee Members Deputy Clerk Peggy Paulich and Theresa Roy with a sample snowflake from Temple Display
Photo Source: NJ Town Photographer Peggy Bohac

In all, the town would receive 42 decorations and officials would have the choice of getting all snowflakes or incorporating some tinsel decorations that would resemble their old decorations. Those would be in the form of various holiday-themed shapes such as stockings, snowmen and Santas. All of the decorations utilize LED lights as well.

Theresa Roy, who played a role in the selection process, said she shied away from the decorations with tinsel because she felt they would be more difficult to store. However, a suggestion was made to build some type of rack that would allow them to be hung rather than laid flat on top of each other.

Paulich mentioned that one of the benefits of the tinsel option was that they would make for a good day time decoration.

Members decided to table the decision until a sample of the tinsel decoration can be received and tested out.  

Town Superintendent Joe Leszek reiterated that the Utility Department would be willing to put the sample up and install the decorations with their fork truck this winter, should the Town decide to take over the decorating process this year.  

You can hear the entire decoration discussion that was held during the Council’s meeting on Monday, August 19th below: