North Judson Town Marshal Finds Radio Replacements at a Reduced Cost

North Judson Town Marshal Kelly Fisher came before Town Council members Monday night, seeking permission to purchase some portable radios.

She explained, “Our spare radio is down and one of our full-time radios is starting to have problems.”

She said on average, the cost of a new portable radio runs about $4,500. However, she informed the council that she was able to locate some replacements that were much less expensive.

Marshal Fisher stated, “There’s a company in Warsaw that has the same brand, same model as ours, they’re just not the state-of-the-art with blue tooth mics and they’ll be fine for what we need. He does have a guarantee, they are brand new radios like I said, for $825 a piece.”

Fisher asked the council to approve a purchase order for two new portable radios at a cost of $1,650. She noted that the money for the purchase would come from two recent donations they’ve received so it won’t cost the Town anything.

The council provided unanimous approval for the purchase.