O-D School Board Approves Student Handbooks, Tables Athletic Handbook for Further Review

The Oregon-Davis student handbooks won’t see any major changes this year, but the athletic handbook may get some updates. The school board approved the 2019-2020 student handbooks for both the elementary and the junior/senior high schools Monday, according to Superintendent Dr. Don Harman. He says the only changes were the dates, names of staff members, and updated instructional fees.

But when it comes to the athletic handbook, Harman says more feedback is needed before board members formally consider it. “We are going to revisit our athletic handbook and get a group of individuals, whether it be coaches, parents, students, staff, and review that,” he explains. “It’s been several years since our athletic handbook has been reviewed.”

Harman says school officials may look at adding some items, but he doesn’t have anything specific in mind yet.