Pulaski Commissioners Once Again Hold Off on Approving Coroner’s Office Shower Installation

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners have once again asked for more information, before approving an OSHA-mandated shower installation at the Coroner’s Office. A $1,900 proposal from Action Plumbing was first presented to the commissioners back in July. Maintenance Director Mia Salyers gave some more information during last week’s meeting.

She explained that under OSHA regulations, the employer should provide Coroner’s Office staff with a decontamination station. Salyers noted that the shower will be installed in an existing restroom. “They’re going to take out one toilet, install the shower,” she explained. “They’re going to do the lines, everything.”

But the commissioners and County Attorney Kevin Tankersley pointed out that one part of the proposal called for at least some carpentry work to be done “by others.”

The commissioners were also concerned about how the work would be funded. Salyers said the coroner had suggested using Riverboat money, but the commissioners were under the impression that the Coroner’s Office had agreed to be self-sufficient.

In the end, they decided to clarify the issues with Coroner John Behny, before giving their final approval.