Ruff Stepping Down as Pulaski County Highway Superintendent

The Pulaski County highway superintendent is stepping down at the end of the month. Terry Ruff’s resignation was accepted by the county commissioners Monday.

Ruff was not in attendance, but a letter was read by Commissioner Kenny Becker. “‘I’m writing to announce that I am resigning my position as Pulaski County highway superintendent, effective September 1 of 2019. I would like to be considered for a laborer’s position.'” Becker added, “He’s just wanting to step down. They need truck drivers.”

The commissioners formally agreed to let Ruff continue as a laborer. They also appointed Gary Kruger as acting superintendent, until a permanent replacement is chosen.

Commissioner Mike McClure initially suggested keeping Kruger there until the end of the year, as a trial period. But the commissioners ultimately decided against setting a specific timeline, after Becker said he wanted a chance to outline expectations with Kruger first. “There’s a few things that need to be readjusted,” Becker said.

“There’s some ground rules that have to be set,” added Commissioner Jerry Locke.

Ruff has served as Pulaski County highway superintendent since May of 2015.