Francesville Planning Commission Needs Members

The Francesville Planning Commission is looking for members. Town Council President Lynn Johns told the Pulaski County Commissioners Monday that the town officially established the commission last year – before he took office – but they never filled all of the seats.

“This was passed last year,” Johns said. “This was supposed to have been done last year, and it didn’t get done. I just found out about this a month ago, so I’m trying to get it all put together.”

The planning commission will be made up of the three town council members, four Francesville residents appointed by the town council president, and two members appointed by the county commissioners. Johns explained that those commissioners’ appointees must own property outside the Francesville town limits but within its two-mile zoning jurisdiction. At least one of them must also live there. The appointments must be balanced, when it comes to political party.

Johns told the commissioners that he’s begun seeking interested people for his appointed seats, but didn’t have any recommendations for the commissioners’ appointments. The commissioners asked him to put together a list of people to choose from.