Skateboarding at Norwayne Field Addressed During NJ Town Council Meeting

The North Judson Town Council addressed the topic of skateboarding when they met for their first meeting of the month on Monday.

Former Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry informed council members that she’s noticed some wear and tear on the performance stage that was unveiled last May and felt that skateboarding and other misdirected recreational activities could be to blame.

Henry stated, “We’ve seen skateboards, scooters, bicycles, almost any recreational thing on wheels on the walls of the stage and I noticed […] that the edging of it is getting really chipped.”

She asked if there was an ordinance in place and recommended putting up some signs by the stage.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe said that he was unsure of the specific ordinance but noted that he has seen one on the books and Park Board member Nick Radtke added that there are already signs in the area.

While on the topic of skateboarding, Radtke mentioned that he was recently approached by an individual who was looking to provide the park with a half-pipe.

Radtke explained, “They have a really nice one that they built and they wanted to donate it somewhere in the park, maybe to kind of relieve the stage.”

He continued, “I know the park board is all for it so I guess we need to know if we can.”

Radtke added that he knows liability insurance will factor into the decision and said he was unsure of what the town’s coverage would allow. 

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe noted that he will coordinate with their insurance providers at ONI Risk Partners to gather more information about the matter.

In addition to checking into the associated liability, town officials will also need to secure a location for the potential installation.

Town Council President John Rowe stated that there’s an open spot across from the ball fields that would be an ideal location. However, Radtke had another suggestion of where to place it.

He told members, “Just for now, like on the ice rink because the stage is where we’re having the problem. If we put it out there we’re going to have to pour concrete because, I mean, you can’t skateboard on the grass.”

President Rowe noted that officials are planning to put the splash pad in that location so if they place the half-pipe there, it would need to be removed before that project could begin.

He said looking into the possibility of pouring concrete in another area might provide a more long-term solution.

No official actions were taken but the matter will be readdressed in future council meetings.